The world has always been a complex place, but in order to understand its inner workings scientists were forced to reduce systems to simple mathematical models. Physical, biological, and social systems all exhibit features such as feedback, multiplier effects, dynamic interaction structures, and behavioral contingency that generate similar dynamics despite their disparate subject matters. With advances in computer power and simulation methodology over the past few decades we are increasingly capable of modeling complex systems in a more natural way: by explicitly modeling the fundamental objects, their behaviors, and their interactions. Through the use of network theory and agent-based modeling we are better able to capture and harness the complexity we find all around us.

We Focus on Modeling Complexity

As our name indicates, we specialize in complex systems. There are two arms of this operation: 1) consulting and collaboration on research projects, and 2) education on theory and methodology. The members of our team cover a broad spectrum of expertise including mathematics, computer science, philosophy, biological engineering, business, and the social sciences. This diverse background, paired with our focus on the dynamical properties systems have in common, allows us to develop unique solutions for domains including public health, national defense, arts and media, technology, marketing, and any other complex system.

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